About me

I am Giedre. Founder of Giedrė Venckė knits. Knitting is my way of life and an opportunity to share a part of myself with the world through knitting threads filled with love.

Giedre Wencke

I learned to knit as a child. As a teenager, this activity repeatedly saved me from the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome and gave me the opportunity to stand out and reveal my maturing personality.

I am a perfectionist, so I strive for the highest results in every activity. When it came to choosing a career, creativity led me to garment technology. I obtained a seamstress - technologist diploma. During my studies, I had to get acquainted with the complex constructions of clothes, with the main function of clothes - comfort of wearing, freedom of movement.

The realization that "correct" and comfortable clothes are no less complex than special design ideas, led me to the mission of my further life. Professional know-how attracted more and more to the design of clothes and ignited the desire to simplify the complex technological processes of creating clothes.

Knitting - Giedre Vencke

Coziness and comfort are the feelings I want to give to everyone who wears my knitwear. I can't boast that I follow trends, I don't explode a new collection bomb every season, and there won't be any strategies to sell to someone who doesn't need a sweater. But if you are reading this sentence and have already taken the time to get to know me up to this point - I can guarantee you that here you will definitely find well-thought-out, limited-edition, mostly one-of-a-kind, sustainable knitwear that matches the contents of your closet.

Why do I call it sustainability? The word "sustainability" is more than a fashion or marketing slogan for me. It is a philosophy of life that includes respect for one's body and forms, it is the realization that clothes only emphasize our personality, and not personality is created by clothes. I choose certainty. Every person is unique, so you can also order clothes made individually, just for you, reflecting and liberating your personality.

All knits are made from high quality fibers with priority given to yarns from local farmers. When you get tired of knitting, it can usually be re-knitted or passed on to other loving hands. When worn out - compost, because most knitwear is made of natural materials that will not leave a mark on the earth.

In the Giedrė Venckė knits e-store, you will find standard products that you will not have to wait for a queue of individual orders to be knitted. I standardize on Oversized and Unisex and the models that you have liked the most over the years. It can be a gift, it can be clothes for people who support the production of handmade and limited edition products. These products are warm, they have less individuality, but this has not reduced the amount of love put in, nor the quality ambitions.

"Giedrė Venckė knits" - knits with tinsel and their own stories! Let's create stories together!

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