🖤 ​​Would you like clothes suitable for all seasons?

Yes? It could easily be a woolen garment. I really appreciate this unique and natural fiber, which we use around 2 million tons per year in the clothing and construction industry worldwide. We find different opinions about the origins of wool in the sources. It is believed to be one of the oldest textile fibers used by humans. Sheep were first domesticated in Central Asia around 10,000 years ago. And the oldest surviving fragments of woolen fabric were found in Egypt 4000 BC. This perfectly reflects that wool can be worn in hot climates or in Europe not only in the cold, but also in the warm season, if only we could overcome our beliefs and psychological barriers.

But is all wool suitable for this?! Absolutely not! The hair of a wide variety of animals can be called wool. It is obtained by cutting or combing. For example, angora wool is combed from a rabbit (I do not knit from this wool because of inhumane treatment of animals), cashmere and mohair - from goats, yak, yak, a mammal of the ox subfamily. And where else is the wool of vicuña, alpaca, dog, camel or the most common and well known to us sheep or merino sheep.

White wool blouse

I will not burden you by writing which part of the animal's body has the most valuable wool. I will not write the structure of her hair either, although the quality depends on it. I will not bother you about the thinness, length, waviness, shine, etc. of the wool. intricacies of quality assessment. I will only mention that after selecting high-quality raw material, it is processed in a long process (and we can talk about it a lot) to the fabrics, threads, etc. that are widely used by us.

The most important point is that the fiber of quality wool is not mixed with any artificial fiber. All the good properties of wool: antibacterial due to the lanolin in it, elasticity, adaptability to the climate (when you need heat and when you need it, it cools), sustainability, because it completely decomposes without leaving a trace on the ground, resistance to friction, non-electricity due to the high-quality and special structure of the hair, micro massage , especially necessary for newborns, natural UV protection, easily ventilating smells, etc.

Only natural high-quality 100% wool is suitable for wearing in the warm season, which preserves its good properties. This means that the product "with wool" and "from wool" is different, like ham and salami, like day and night, like white and black. Neither of them are bad, just very, very different...

I am happy for my clients who, while carefully choosing their clothes for the holidays, already know that they will only need one cardigan for their beautiful linen dresses . Which will be knitted from high-quality wool and will warm you if necessary, but will not allow you to overheat.


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