Individual orders

Individual, one-of-a-kind knitwear, created just for you. It's not just about the size or color you want. It is a whole process that is born even before creation begins. Home Use wisely in your dreams and beautiful wishes. You entrust me with the implementation process with the freedom to create your own style, and I appreciate it.

After combining all my knowledge and abilities, I will create clothes that will become a talisman and accompany you in all your life's adventures. Your one-of-a-kind, individual order will be unique from the yarn order to the unique "birth" story accompanying the knitting.

Individual orders - Giedre Vencke

Individual orders for knitwear are intended for those who want exclusivity, uniqueness, freedom in their choices and the most comfortable adaptation to their body shapes.

If you want to order a single, individual knitwear with a felt design, but you are not yet sure about the color, pattern, pattern or tangled thread searches - I invite you to consult. You can write to me HERE or by email at .

Along with your order , a 100% linen bag will come as a gift to store the knitwear while it rests. It will be decorated with illustrations with funny characters having fun and reminding how to take care of a knitted product.