Knitted clothes for your best adventures in life!

Discovering everyday pleasures allows us to realize that happiness is not somewhere far away, but here and now, in our own minds and hearts, and sometimes we can even feel it with our fingertips...

Giedrė Venckė

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Clothes that are made to be worn, but not to stay in the closet...

Closet fresheners

Spintos kvapas

Closet scents

Closet scents will create a cozy, unique home scent that you can... 


  • PIXEL black sweater

    "After receiving the sweater, I realized that it was his that lasted until complete happiness and harmony in my wardrobe. High-quality, light, pleasant to the touch and suitable for everything. I highly recommend it :).” - Simona.

    PIXEL black oversize sweater 
  • Amazing quality dress

    "Wonderful quality dress. The thread does not tangle at all, does not crumble. The pixel pattern is beautiful and original, but it also does not allow the knit to stretch and does not sit down. The dress is easy to combine with chairs and chairs. This dress is a great investment." - Sigita.

    Knitted merino wool dress 
  • I recommend it

    "As soon as I saw the clothes, I realized that they smelled of quality, and yet the sensations when wearing them exceeded expectations. Thank you for your efforts. Good luck!” - Žilvinas.

    Men's merino wool sweater