Collection: Accessories

Accessories in clothing are like spices in cooking. You can do without them, but they create completeness. And how a delicious spice gives a dish uniqueness and charm. In this way, a stylish accessory gives a woman and her outfit originality. And for the same clothes - new "colors". A stylish scarf spread over the chest and belted can become elegant and complement the blouse worn underneath. And with a thicker sweater, lovingly wrapped around the neck, it can become cozy and comfortable. The accessories that you will find in my assortment can give your existing clothes a different look. Both to modify themselves and to create a new image every time.

Accessories that provide comfort and style

The same item in clothing can play several roles at the same time. For example, cozy socks can keep your feet warm. But at the same time, they can be a very stylish accent that completes your image. Especially if you are traveling to a guest house where you will be taking off your shoes. Incorrectly selected socks can ruin even a very cleverly arranged line of clothing. Meanwhile, warm alpaca wool socks can stylishly match your dress or sweater. And at the same time stand in for warming slippers. Bringing home comfort and a sense of security. And sometimes it is so important. For example, in moments like meeting a friend's parents. Is a new company. Course friends or colleagues. A small accessory, sometimes not even noticeable to everyone, can serve both for style and a sense of security.

And what about cozy scarves , which can be used as a cozy cloak for a walk on the beach and a conversation with the crashing waves. In winter, wrap it warmly around your neck and dip your cheeks into the woolen blanket.

Moreover, in the accessories section, you will find not only stylish details for your outfit, but also linen bags. Which will become best friends with your wool products. Despite the fact that most knitwear can be worn all year round, they still need to rest and "regain their shape". When you decide to let them stay in the closet, remember to put them safely in a bag first. This will ensure that the knitwear does not bud, does not attract moths and awaits you as beautiful and high-quality as the one you said goodbye to at the end of the season.

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