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Linen bag for storing sweaters

Linen bag for storing sweaters

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The linen bag for storing sweaters was born out of my concern for the further fate of woolen clothes. After many attempts to save them intact. And to enjoy their durability, I newly discovered the possibilities of 100% linen fabric.
Bags for convenient storage of woolen clothes during their rest , made of strong linen. In them sweaters will not be covered by other clothes lying nearby and will be less attractive to moths. And if a sprig of lavender lies nearby, there will be no opportunities for moths to have a feast in your knitting.
100% linen bags, natural colors, a convenient string at the top, which closes the bag by pulling it easily. And the frolicking alpaca on the bag will remind you how to take care of your beloved knitwear.

The dimensions of the bag are : 33cm x 39cm

Linen bag for storing sweaters - if you want to enjoy a woolen garment for a long time

If you haven't had 100% until now, you probably haven't thought about the care they need. First of all, wool products do not need to be washed often, it is enough to air them out. This way the garment returns to its shape and gets rid of all odors. And during the period when you do not wear woolen sweaters or blouses, it is not enough to neatly fold them and put them in the closet. The product may swell when it comes into contact with other clothes. And after a few months, after taking it out of the closet, the image may not really please you. Even if you don't put other clothes nearby, for knitting there are other threats. A woolen sweater can become a great feast for moths, which can appear out of nowhere. This is why you need a linen bag for storing sweaters. It will protect against friction with other clothes, and against external odors. And to ensure the maximum protection of a sweater or blouse, it should sit nearby like a watchful guard a sprig of lavender. Its scent will repel moths, and when it's time to wear the garment again, you'll find it just as you left it. It may appear that woolen products are luxurious and require exceptional care. However, this is only so that they can pamper you with their warmth and high quality. Properly maintained - for years.


In order to preserve the best properties of linen and ensure the longevity of linen, it is recommended to wash the bag at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees. It is best, of course, to do it by hand. And let it dry on its own.

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