Collection: Sweaters

Sweaters are probably one of the most practical clothes. Especially if they are made of real wool. They warm you comfortably, but do not allow you to get cold. So it can be worn both in cold winter or a refreshing spring or autumn. And even in summer. Especially if you spend the summer in Lithuania, where the weather changes happily several times a day. Even when it gets colder or warmer, the sweater will take care of your body's comfort. Easy to style, so you can create many combinations with one sweater. You can put on a shirt under the sweater, and put on a jacket over the sweater. And create a new combination every time, for a different occasion. The same sweater will serve both a day at work and an evening on the town. Or for a fun weekend in nature or at the homestead. It is important to look carefully at the contents of your wardrobe and choose the color that best suits you. If you are a lover of warm colors, choose a soft brown sweater . If you are one of those people who like extremely practical clothes, you will definitely like the classic black sweater. And if you want a sweater that even your husband could borrow from time to time - you will find it in my assortment. I invite you to view the unisex sweater Chestnut .

Sweaters that do not need to be washed

If you haven't owned 100% wool clothing before, you're probably in for a surprise. But they don't really need to be washed often. It is enough to ventilate them outside. Damp or cool weather and a fresh breeze will take care of removing any lingering odors from the sweater. And the rested sweater will regain its original shape and will continue to please you for years. That's right, if you accidentally get dirty and get a stain on it, you can wash it. I would recommend doing this by hand or using the gentlest cycle for wool in the washing machine. Of course, the detergents should be chosen suitable for wool. And make sure that the washing machine does not spin the sweater faster than 400 revolutions per minute. Properly maintained woolen sweaters will serve you so long that your offspring can inherit them.

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