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Pink merino wool sweater for women

Pink merino wool sweater for women

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Pink merino wool sweater for women - classic model and exclusive color. Knitted from 100% merino wool, it can be worn as a first layer of clothing, directly on bare skin. Merino wool, unlike other types of wool, is extremely soft and does not require any underlayers when worn. Perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, so the body always feels comfortable. The unique properties of this wool ensure that the optimal body temperature is maintained when wearing the sweater - neither too hot nor too cold.

Pink merino wool sweater for women - one sweater, many combinations

The free-style, classic pattern of the sweater creates many styling possibilities. it can be worn alone as the only layer of clothing. However, many stylish combinations can also be created.
The sweater is not tight, so it will look great with a white, blue, red or other color shirt. Thus turning the sweater into a second layer of clothing. You can create an even more stylish combination by wearing a classic or denim jacket on top. Thus creating a combination of two layers - only sweater and jacket, or three - shirt, sweater and jacket.
In the same way, the sweater will go well with various bottom clothes - classic pants or skirts, as well as casual clothes - leather or denim pants.
This way, with the help of one sweater, you will be able to create countless lines of clothing.

Made in Lithuania.
I send the products 1-2 days after the order.

Composition and measurements of the sweater

100% merino wool

I measurements:

Size S - M ML L - XL

Width 50 cm. 56 cm. 60 cm.

Length 60 cm. 65 cm. 70 cm.

Color: pink


Washing instructions
You can find a wide selection of merino wool sweaters in our range. And we recommend taking care of all of them in the same way - wash them rarely, only when they get dirty. For washing, use detergents intended for wool and the appropriate washing mode. And in order for the clothes to last as long as possible and look high-quality and presentable, periodically take them outside to air them out. The fresh air will dispel any odors and make them look like new again.
And during the period when sweaters are not worn, it is best to store them in specially designed linen bags . Which will protect your sweaters from pilling and they will serve you for years.
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