Stylish black oversize sweater
Stylish black oversize sweater
Stylish black oversize sweater
Megztas stilingas juodas megztinis
Stilingas juodas oversize megztinis
Juodas laisvo stiliaus merino vilnos megztinis
Minimalistinio stiliaus juodos spalvos megztinis

Giedre Vencke knits

Stylish black oversize sweater

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The stylish black oversize sweater is for those who like thinner sweaters even in winter. Sweater made of thin, but warm and breathable 100% merino wool. I can safely say that this is a must-have sweater for everyone. For a few very simple reasons. First of all, because of its practicality. It's so easy to mix and match everywhere that it can be worn every day. And look different every time and create a... Skaityti daugiau