Unisex megztinis rudos spalvos
merino vilnos megztinis iš nugaros
Laisvo kirpimo rudos spalvos megztas megztinis
Unisex merino vilnos megztinis - Kaštonas
Unisex merino wool sweater - Chestnut
Rudos spalvos merino vilnos megztinis

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Unisex merino wool sweater - Chestnut

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Unisex merino wool sweater - Chestnut. For those who like to subtly stand out from the crowd. Its color brightness is a true golden mean. Bright, but not too bright. I call this sweater Unisex because it looks good worn by both men and women. Or maybe even alternately both. Knowing the ability of merino wool to return to its original state, the sweater can really be shared by both him and her. After... Skaityti daugiau