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Grandma's socks - Surprise

Grandma's socks - Surprise

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Grandma's socks are hand-knitted socks by Lithuanian grandmothers - a surprise. Why the surprise? Because when you get a gift from grandma, you never know what you'll find inside the carefully wrapped and herbal-scented bag. Grandma's heart is at peace when your feet are warm, it doesn't matter what pattern or color the socks are printed on. So it's such a surprise that you can only choose the size of hand-knitted granny socks, and the pattern and color are a surprise! They are all washed and passed quality control several times. Those with a runaway eye, strong "bites" or those whose composition is unclear (because Grandmothers like to do good and add to their stock of yarn) remain in my family.

Grandma's socks - because sincere care warms the most

The most beautiful and cozy childhood memories are hidden in grandmothers' villages, kitchens and in their arms. Because grandmothers do not educate, grandmothers love and care unconditionally. Maybe that's why just the thought of grandma's knitted socks warms me. A cozy image of an old woman carefully knitting, who weaves her sincere care into each strand of yarn, comes to mind. After all, it is so important that the socks are comfortable and warmly envelop the wearer's feet.
That's why, for those who can no longer be happy about the grandmother who provides the warmest socks every winter, other grandmothers decided to knit them. I only become an intermediary between you and those warm and caring hands.

The composition of the socks - like the socks, will be a surprise, but always of high quality

The composition of grandmother's hand-knitted socks is at least 50% wool . A more precise composition will be listed with the socks you have purchased. If you have an allergy to some wool or a special request, write to me here: and I will find the right option for you. One that will not cause allergic or other unpleasant reactions.
Socks will not only guarantee warmth and coziness, gently enveloping your feet in cold and long winter evenings. But also a great sign of respect and appreciation for diligent grandmothers. For those who carefully collect the needles eye by eye. And for those who know that the work they put in will definitely warm and make someone happy. And after all, this is so meaningful and supportive.


Care of socks

It is recommended to wash by hand or in a washing machine at a water temperature of no higher than 30 degrees with a mild detergent for woolen products. Spinning speed no more than 400 rpm.

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