Collection: Closet scents

Closet scents will create a cozy, unique home scent that you can "take" out of the house with you. Sprayed wardrobe scents will revive the often stagnant air in the closet or wardrobe, and at the same time will easily scent the clothes waiting for your attention there. You can use these scents not only for the wardrobe, but also for perfuming drawers, home and work spaces.

Closet scents will help create and preserve memories

Scents are one of the best carriers of memories. Our gifted memory is able to create an association for a smell. To transport us to the time, place or situation where we smelled them. Therefore, with the help of wardrobe perfumes, you can create a feeling of home. When in the morning, as soon as you open the drawer, wardrobe or closet door, you are greeted by a pleasant and warming aroma. Which you can "pack" in a suitcase when going on a business trip, "take out" to an important meeting at work or even "move" to another house. home is always associated with security, peace, our fortress. So it's extremely good to be able to take that feeling with you wherever you need it most at that moment.

Subtle and practical

Closet perfumes not only please our senses and emotions, but are also very practical. It's no secret that even when washing clothes in a washing machine, if you use a little too much detergent, it can be incompletely washed. And the remaining in the fabric of our clothes changes the smell in the long run. A few such clothes in the closet or wardrobe, after staying longer, fill their air. And when you open the door, you are greeted by not always fresh and pleasant smells. Closets usually do not have much ventilation and the doors are kept closed to protect clothes from dust. In this way, all the smells absorbed from the environment into our clothes spread in the closet. Therefore, spraying closet odors will help to neutralize them. Create a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and order.

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