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Acorn saturated with unique fragrance

Acorn saturated with unique fragrance

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You know how much I love wool and that I recently launched a wardrobe fragrance - Unique, which is perfect for scenting not only wardrobes, but also work and other spaces where you want to feel special.

I decided to combine wool and scent, because wool perfectly absorbs and retains smells. That's why I suggest you try the unique perfume without buying the whole bottle, but only one acorn!

Acorns were created and produced by the amazing creator @byvaidapetreikis specifically for this project. They are of a special size and saturated with Unique scent .

Acorns are suitable for hanging in the closet on a hanger to keep the unique smell, and after it has aired, you can decorate a fir branch or let the acorn dangle on your closet handle. This is how you will try Unique perfume, and if you like the smell, you will buy a bottle and after smelling the acorn you can again enjoy the smell and the memory of the friendship that started with the acorn.

An acorn saturated with unique fragrance is a great choice when you need a unique, small gift. Each acorn is packed separately in a small box with a postcard on which you can write your own wishes.


Natural oak acorn hat, belly made of 100% wool, which is saturated with UNIQUE fragrance.

The perfume's citrus notes of petitgrain and orange mingle with the sharp sweetness of pineapple and prunes to create a refreshing blend. The richness of the patchouli adds freshness, while the fig notes balance the sweetness of the other components.

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