I'll admit that sometimes I take a lot longer than I should when designing an outfit...
I will tell you about Vytautas, who, after ordering an individual sweater, waited longer than he should, and kept reminding me about it. Although I didn't forget it myself, I still couldn't get my hands on the men's sweater model, because these are completely different "things" than my usual female shapes and preferences. Waiting patiently, Vytautas waited until the first men's sweater of the PIXEL line saw the light of day. VitasBygg
Yes, it was his order that started the process and contributed to the launch of the PIXEL men's sweater.
Vytautas is an enterprising, youthful, optimistic, energetic person who lives between three countries, in two of which he has his own business and a considerable number of permanent employees at VitasBygg . Responsibility for the work being done and working people oblige to travel often, sometimes in a hurry, without having time to think about the combination of clothes to wear at that moment. After all, you want to travel in comfort and quality. The climate differences between Norway and Spain force us to choose only clothes of the highest quality and the best fibers, so Vyta's choice - a men's sweater made of 100% merino wool that regulates body temperature - is perfect.
VitasBygg 2 Vytautas's wife has also purchased and loved the gray unisex PIXEL line sweater , but as she says, "I also borrow my husband's when I want something more oversize."
And indeed, we live in an era where colors or clothes no longer have gender.
I will repeat again and again that it is a great honor for me that you choose my knitwear for comfort in travel and everyday life. After all, life is really full of surprises and adventures, let's just try to notice it and "get it together".
VitasBygg 3
I send advance congratulations to Vytautas on the occasion of his upcoming 40th anniversary, I wish him the courage to act, take risks and achieve sweet and intoxicating victories!
Your G.
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