🖤 ​​How to measure yourself to buy an individually knitted garment?

Clothes or other products that are knitted in one way or another are called knitted. Almost all knitted products stretch easily in all directions, so exact measurements are not as important for them as they are for woven products.

Often, when I ask customers for their body measurements, I get messages back: "I wear size M - XL", "My size is 46", "I want Oversize", etc.

I can definitely knit without exact measurements, I have done it many times and "hit it". But it's no secret that the size charts are different, and we all perceive the Oversize size in our own way. So, some technological knowledge, which after applying it, you can knit well, such as: the length of the shoulder line of almost all women is more or less the same, both those wearing size S and XXL it is ~11cm. Those who want fitted clothes need approximately + 5 cm for the so-called "siege", so I have to guess what your body measurements really are.

Knowledge of technological matters allows you not to disturb or bother you with requests for measurements. And sometimes the measurements of another, your beloved and worn, knitwear are enough.

But still, when purchasing or even more so individually ordering a garment, measurements are needed so that it is not only the desired color or model, but also the right size. How many and what measurements are needed, when ordering a knitwear individually, I write, but only three main ones:

Measurement instruction
  • A - desired knitting length,
  • B - Your chest circumference (we will discuss the looseness of the desired knitting in person),
  • C - the desired length of the knitted sleeve.

From now on, just look at the funny illustration and you will remember how easy and simple it is to do.

You can order individual knitting here: info@giedrevencke.com

PS I think it goes without saying that the numbers of your measurements remain known only to you and me;)

Greetings G.

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