🖤 ​​Remember I told you about rest for knitwear?

Yes, they really need it!

And the more natural the composition of the product, the more rest is needed. There is nothing new in this, our great-grandfathers already knew that stretched woolen clothes return to their original shape by themselves, air out and all odors disappear when allowed to rest in the fresh air. Best in mist or light frost. Then we leave the wool products outside for at least half an hour, but preferably for half a day.

Linen bag - Giedre Vencke

We will change clothes or other woolen products for the season, we will hide the thickest warm woolen products already aired out and washed if necessary. And they will lie in the deepest corner of the closet so that the eyes will not see until autumn. But is it right? The deepest corner of the closet is suitable so that eyes do not find it, but so that moths do not find it and it does not swell from other clothes lying nearby - not so much.

I tried it myself and I sincerely recommend you to put natural wool products in 100% linen bags.

And to strengthen protection against moths, you can also place a sprig of lavender or a mint-scented handkerchief next to your favorite item of clothing. Moths avoid these smells from afar and they will not be tempted to attack your favorite clothes. And in the fall, we will warm up again in long-awaited, maybe beloved grandmother's knitted clothes.


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