🖤 ​​About what comes from friendship...

As we are increasingly pampered by the warmth of the light, we don't want to remember the melancholy winter evenings, but let's go back for a moment...

On a gloomy winter evening, I decided to take a risk and let an immature idea come to life. Before I was overcome with fear and the thought was just another unfulfilled dream that I wouldn't be able to, I hurried to announce it on my social media posts.

And as soon as we decorated the Christmas tree, after the 2023 celebration, together with our Instagram community, we started the "Kuriame kartu" project.

Its aim is to brighten up our dark winter evenings and let into our sustainable wardrobes only thoughtful, harmonious and versatile clothes that we may have quietly dreamed of.

My first step was to poll the community about what their dream outfit would be. From the received answers, categories were formed: dresses, pants, etc. But already in the first hours of voting, the sweater was in the lead.

Creation took place on the basis of polls and voting, and you chose to create a female sweater from unisex, men's, and women's sweater offers. And of the buttoned, gathered, pulled and other options, the one pulled over the head won.

Then I realized that I need a starting point - one detail to which I "attached" myself, so that the creative process does not drag on until next winter, so that the detail is like a compass that prevents me from wandering into the vast oceans. And for that I chose a collar.

Of all the proposed options, the V-collar won the survey, which I later presented as many as 42 examples.

I had a compass, so step by step we collected the silhouette, patterns (from openwork to jacquard) and colors from all the colors and shades of the world for the sweater.

I added "spices": from the open back to slits in the cuffs or a bare shoulder. We chose the length of the sleeves from the 3 offered and the silhouette for them from the 36. I listened to your wishes regarding the composition and the desired feeling to the touch.

Your choices were unexpectedly believable, modest. And I got the feeling that we have known each other for a long time, we breathe, speak, dance to the same rhythm and walk on the same tracks...

When the first test model of the sweater arrived, it turned out that the thread was a bit rough, so we consulted and decided by voting that we wanted a soft one.

We wasted a little, but we were waiting for the second sample. The wait paid off. The final version of the merino wool women's sweater "Friendship" is amazing!

After all, you not only contributed to it, but also created it with your story, full of good energy and life.

This is a merino wool women's sweater - cozy and soft, with a slightly looser silhouette, smooth pattern, solid color, V-shaped modest neckline, dropped shoulder line, loose sleeves and fitted cuffs.

The preferred colors were forest, earth or mountain colors. You chose gray rocks and sand.

For the general process, the thought born after the great winter holidays took its physical form in the spring, with the chirping of returning birds and the clamor of friends waking from hibernation.

After all, sweaters are created from evenings of friendship, from a great desire to find only worn, loved and comfortable clothes in your closets.

You can view and purchase the limited edition 100% merino wool "Friendship" sweaters here.

And I sincerely thank you for this acquaintance, journey and creation together!

Best wishes! G.

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