🖤 ​​The story of the fragrant acorn

Fragrant acorn

These acorns are a project of three Lithuanian creators, members of the community, which encourages you to spread the idea in your home that everything starts with small things. After all, from the seed we sow in our heart, grows what everyone around us sees...

My, Giedre Vencke , perfumer Sivile Čeponytė implemented the idea of ​​creating her signature scent, and to make the scent easier to reach and spread around your home , Vaida Petreikis , who creates wonderful woolen products, created acorns with bigger bellies especially for this project.
This way, without having to buy the whole bottle it is much easier to get to know the scent and check whether you will tame it in your home, wardrobe, office or other space where you want to feel special.

What are these acorns for?
Acorns are suitable for hanging in the closet on a hanger to keep the unique smell, and after it has aired, you can decorate a fir branch or let the acorn dangle on your closet handle.

Acorn Unique is not only fragrant, but also inspiring. It is a small but important attribute of the physical and spiritual strength of Lithuania and its people. A small symbol that fits in a handful, but says more than a huge and luxuriously shiny gift.

  • After all, an acorn decorated with an oak cap can whisper: "Welcome to this world, little one, your grandparents wish you strength."
  • The acorn growing the strength of the oak tree can speak for parents who, after sending their children on a journey of life's search, cannot find the words to express their longing. Then the seed quietly whispers: "Don't forget your roots."
  • This small but meaningful gift allows all Jonas and Janinas to remember the giver for a long time after the oak wreath crumbles.
  • Fragrant Acorn Unique is a great gift for the most unique Boss to want to collect them every year and grow by growing his community.
  • A fragrant gift for a loved one will herald the beginning of something beautiful. And swinging in a friend's car will remind you of the power of friendship.
  • The fragrant acorn created by three Lithuanian creators will tell everyone scattered around the world about the essence of nationality, the connection with ancestors, felt through language, traditions, and customs.

She whispers quietly about you, about me, about communion... Do you hear?
What does acorns smell like?
Citrusy notes of petitgrain and orange mingle with the tangy sweetness of pineapple and prunes to create a refreshing blend. The richness of the patchouli adds freshness, while the fig notes balance the sweetness of the other components.

I invite you to try the work of our fellowship and friendship felt in the heart and outside and bring uniqueness to your home.
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