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Women's vest made of merino wool - Ada

Women's vest made of merino wool - Ada

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Women's vest made of merino wool - Oversize style, comfortable V-neck. So soft and warm that it can be worn on the naked body. At the same time, it allows you to create many stylish combinations. Looks great worn over the same or contrasting colored golf or slimmer sweater . Perfectly decorates and warms when worn over classic or oversize shirts. Dropped shoulders provide additional warmth and much-desired coziness.

Women's vest made of merino wool - will warm you in the cold winter, decorate the windy summer

Merino wool is one of my favorites. It gently caresses and smartly warms the body. Trying not to be too cool or too warm. Therefore, it is perfect for winter when you want cozy warmth. A vest is worn as a second layer, covering the shoulders, chest and back. It will warm and protect. Meanwhile, on a cooler summer day or evening, such a vest will lie perfectly on a naked body. It won't irritate and it won't "bite". It will only fit and envelop you with pleasant coziness. A women's vest made of merino wool will become a stylish accent that complements your outfit. Faithfully heating whenever needed - all year round. True, if you decide to let the vest rest during the warm season, don't forget to put it safely in a linen bag for knitting . Thus, taking care that it does not swell, rubbing against other clothes in the closet.

Made in Lithuania.

Composition and measurements

100% merino wool

Length 60 cm
Width 57cm


Since the vest is made of 100% wool, it does not need to be washed often, it is enough to air it well. Cold or damp weather is best suited for this. Just lay the vest on the terrace or balcony for an hour or so, letting it rest and breathe.

She will thank you! This will remove all odors and restore the lost shape of the garment.

If there are visible stains and the knitwear still needs to be washed, it is recommended to do it by hand or in a washing machine at a water temperature of no higher than 30 degrees with a mild detergent intended for woolen products. Drilling speed no more than 400 rpm.

Important :

Due to the settings of your computer or phone, the actual color of the knitwear may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.

If you didn't find the knitwear in the color, size or composition you want, and maybe you just want to get better - write HERE

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