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Merino wool midi dress with strap

Merino wool midi dress with strap

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The merino wool midi dress with a strap is designed for women who have a playful approach to everyday life. But at the same time - likes practical things. A green- blue dress will bring exclusive shades to your wardrobe. For a long time, I couldn't even decide whether to call this dress green or blue. Because both of these colors changed in her. Like the playfulness and practicality I already mentioned. And you can combine them both into one.

Merino wool midi dress with strap - made for compliments

The dress is knitted from 100% merino wool. Therefore, it will not only pleasantly warm you in any cooler period of the year. But it will also please you with gentle caresses of the body. Merino wool is an extremely soft fiber . Which takes care of maintaining the optimal body temperature. A raised collar that gives uniqueness and allows you to look different every time. Wide sleeves - also a charming and exclusive accent - up to the elbows.

The midi-length dress has a loose and straight silhouette. A long, even 4-meter, strap of the same composition and color will perfectly accentuate the waist. Of course, you can also tie the waist with your favorite strap. A monochrome dress will be easily combined with various accents. And by alternating them, you will create many elegant or casual combinations.

Made in Lithuania.
I send the products 1-2 days after the order.

Composition and measurements of the dress

100% merino wool

I measurements:

Size S M L

Width 45cm. 50 cm. 60 cm.

Length 105 cm. 110 cm. 115 cm.



Clothes made of 100% wool do not need to be washed often. You can simply ventilate any odors that are absorbed into them. Cold or damp weather is best suited for this. Just lay the knits on the terrace or balcony for an hour or so, letting them rest and breathe. This will be enough for the clothes to smell fresh again and be like new.

If there are visible stains and the knitwear still needs to be washed, it is recommended to do it by hand or in a washing machine at a water temperature of no higher than 30 degrees with a mild detergent intended for woolen products. Drilling speed no more than 400 rpm.

The model's height is 168 cm, she wears a size M dress .

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