Merino vilnos midi ilgio suknelė su dirželiu
Mėlynai žalia vilnonė moteriška suknelė
Midi ilgio suknelė su dirželiu
Stilinga megzta moteriška suknelė
laisvo stiliaus rankų darbo moteriška suknelė
Megzta moteriška suknelė iš merino vilnos iki kelių

Giedre Vencke knits

Merino wool midi dress with strap

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The merino wool midi dress with a strap is designed for women who have a playful approach to everyday life. But at the same time - likes practical things. A green- blue dress will bring exclusive shades to your wardrobe. For a long time, I couldn't even decide whether to call this dress green or blue. Because both of these colors changed in her. Like the playfulness and practicality I already mentioned.... Skaityti daugiau