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Giedre Vencke knits

Women's cardigan

Women's cardigan

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Women's cardigan knitted by hand - needles. The loose and straight silhouette fastens with a tiny hidden clasp at the collar. The cardigan is knitted with a small pearl pattern, and the sleeves are slightly larger, thus giving the cardigan uniqueness. A minimalist style women's cardigan is designed for women who like one-of-a-kind and minimalist clothes. The cardigan is suitable for wearing both over a t-shirt and over a slimmer sweater with a high collar. The melange of sand and muted yellow will make the women's cardigan easy to combine. This is a garment that will keep you warm for many winters and cool spring evenings.

Hand-knitted with needles.

Composition and care

80% wool

10% silk

10% acrylic

Length - 53cm
Width - 51cm
Sleeve length from collar - 60cm


Sweaters knitted from 100% wool do not need to be washed often. Good ventilation is sufficient. Cold or damp weather is best suited for this. Just lay the sweater on the terrace or balcony for an hour or so, letting it rest and breathe.

He will thank you! This will remove all odors and restore the lost shape of the garment.

If there are visible stains and the knitwear still needs to be washed, it is recommended to do it by hand or in a washing machine at a water temperature of no higher than 30 degrees with a mild detergent intended for woolen products. Drilling speed no more than 400 rpm.

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