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Brown merino wool sweater for men

Brown merino wool sweater for men

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The brown men's merino wool sweater could be described in three words - stylish, high-quality and practical. Brown color is classified as classic, never going out of fashion. And this one - rich, chocolate - is also considered luxurious and gives the outfit solidity.
Knitted from extremely high quality 100% merino wool. Therefore, the quality will be felt both when wearing and enjoying a presentable-looking garment for many years. Well, the practical side of the sweater could be devoted to a separate language. The raglan-style sleeves fit perfectly on any man's body type. The classic, checkered model is suitable for wearing both with jeans and classic trousers, both alone and under a jacket. Tuning possibilities are countless. Therefore, undoubtedly, the sweater will spend more time being worn than in the closet waiting for an opportunity to appear.

Brown men's merino wool sweater - a garment that creates maximum comfort

A sweater knitted from merino wool threads has a special ability to maintain optimal body temperature. So, if the environment is cold - it warms, and if the environment is warm - the body still feels completely comfortable. The skin breathes, moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporated. Therefore, with such a sweater, it is neither too cold nor too hot. So, in all honesty, this sweater is as beautiful as it is comfortable.
And in our assortment you can find other colors of the same sweater model. We invite you to view the sweater in graphite and light beige colors.

Made in Lithuania.
I send the products 1-2 days after the order.

Composition and measurements of the sweater

100% merino wool

I measurements:

Size S - M ML L - XL

Width 48cm. 50 cm. 54 cm.

Length 70 cm. 72 cm. 76 cm.

Color: brown


Washing instructions
Sweaters knitted from 100% merino wool have many unique properties. One of them is that such sweaters do not need to be washed often. It is enough to take them outside to air out. The wind will disperse all absorbed odors from them, and the product itself will return to its original form. After such fresh air baths, it will look like new again.

However, if stains appear on the sweater and there is not enough ventilation, you have to wash it, it is recommended to do it by hand or in a washing machine. It is important to choose a water temperature no higher than 30 degrees. For washing, use a mild detergent intended for wool products. The speed of the drilling revolutions should not exceed 400 rpm.

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