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Giedre Vencke knits

Knitted universal blouse

Knitted universal blouse

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Universal knitted blouse made of 100% merino wool - for a comfortable life. For women who let only truly high-quality and practical clothes into their wardrobe. That's what I would call this blouse. It will be perfect for an important work meeting. It goes well with classic black or gray pants, a black jacket. What if you have a date planned for the evening? After removing the jacket and adding a stylishbrooch to the collar, you will have a perfect line for a romantic meeting. Or are you planning an adventurous weekend? Even for him, this is the perfect outfit. The blouse will go stylishly with jeans and casual shoes. And high-quality fabric will ensure that you and your body feel maximally comfortable, even in the fast pace of life.

Knitted universal blouse - comfortable and stylish silhouette

This blouse is made of fine merino wool. So soft and light that you will hardly feel it on your body. Completely unrestricted movements, straight silhouette. Short t-shirt style sleeves. The blouse will look stylish both worn on top and neatly tucked into classic trousers or a skirt. Merino wool products do not wrinkle, so even after spending the whole day tucked into pants, they will easily regain their original shape. The stylish stand-up collar offers multiple wear options and allows you to change up your look with ease. You can wear it as a high collar or turn it down and accessorize with your favorite piece of jewelry.

Made in Lithuania.
I send the products 1-2 days after the order.

Composition and measurements

100% merino wool


Size XS - S M - L XL - XXL

Width 45cm. 50 cm. 60 cm.

Length 55 cm. 60 cm. 65 cm.

Color :


Since the blouse is made of 100% wool, it does not need to be washed often. Good ventilation is enough. Cold or damp weather is best suited for this. Just lay the blouse on the terrace or balcony for an hour, letting them rest and breathe.

She will thank you! This will remove all odors and restore the lost shape of the garment.

If there are visible stains and the knitwear still needs to be washed, it is recommended to do it by hand or in a washing machine at a water temperature of no higher than 30 degrees with a mild detergent intended for woolen products. Drilling speed no more than 400 rpm.

The model's height is 168 cm, she wears XS - S size clothes.

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