Collection: Grandma's socks - Surprise

🖤 It all started with some hard-to-describe feeling in my heart and situations that arise from a like "deja vu" like feeling every now and then.

Many of you have probably experienced an empathetic moment when an old woman is standing in line in front of you at the store, buying a basket of discounted, expired products, barely scraping up a few pennies with trembling hands to pay the bill.

I don't know about you, but in most cases I can't stand a moment of injustice and pay the full amount or at least the missing amount. And I don't stand it not because she is taking a long time (usually I am in no real hurry), but because I understand that all the circumstances tell about a lack of well-being.

But after all that, I was visited by a heart-wrenching feeling, a fear that I had humiliated a person of a respectable age, or left him bitter by paying his bill, despite the fact that gratitude flowed from their lips and tears gathered in their eyes.

The idea that help should not be accidental - did not leave me. So after meeting one special grandmother and hearing her story, I thought of offering her to help me for a pay. So that you understand where I'm going - this is far from a business project, but an ambition to give her life meaning by offering a slightly different kind of help.

I gave her yarn and needles. What's more, I managed to convince her that it was very important to me, because grandma called more of her friends to help.

And the project, which started with just a few old women, eventually grew into a considerable initiative. This is how many of the most beautiful and magically knitted socks were born. And how many positive emotions they had! Even when I realized that the socks would last more than one lifetime for me and the whole family, I couldn't stop.

I really hope that it will gain support and this social mission will have a reason to continue.

Skaityti daugiau...