Collection: Blouses/vests

Blouses, vests - in my assortment they are all knitted. Made of merino wool with special properties. I love this wool so much for a reason. It is really special. Blouses made of merino wool can snuggle comfortably even on your naked body and do not cause any itching or irritation. Only pleasant and gentle caresses of the body. merino wool is so soft and pleasant that even underwear is made from it. These blouses, vests do not need to be washed often. It is enough to air them outside and any body or environmental odors will dissipate. The garment will become like new again, cozy and fresh. I say like new because I know that clothes knitted from this wool easily return to their original shape. So if it stretches a bit while wearing it, left to rest in cool or humid weather, it will soon look like it was never worn again.

Extremely light and movement-unrestricting blouses and vests

Merino wool is extremely light and does not restrict movement at all. Even clothes for active children are made from it especially for this quality. Regardless of how strongly and intensively you have to move, the blouse will make sure that your body does not get hot. And any moisture that appears in the body will be easily evaporated by the garment. The fabric allows the body to breathe. If you like to feel warm and cozy - on your favorite clothes, put on a vest . It will envelop your back in gentle warmth and will add a great accent to your outfit. Well, if you like to wear as few layers of clothes as possible - a merino wool knitted blouse will be just the thing. Sweaters made of the same excellent wool will be suitable for the cold season.

It will easily find a place in any style of wardrobe

I like stylish, delicate and not fussy clothes. They easily adapt to any style and occasion. The same blouse will look good both for business and casual style. And on trips - it will be irreplaceable. It doesn't matter what the weather will be when you go to a foreign country - a blouse or a vest will take care of the optimal body temperature. So you will definitely neither get hot nor cold. And if you pack the blouse in your suitcase, make sure to put it in a linen bag first. This will prevent beading by rubbing closely against other clothes. The blouse itself will not take up much space and will weigh extremely little. This is another advantage of this wool for women who like to travel.

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