Collection: Sweaters for men

Sweaters for men - comfortable, stylish and durable. And so comfortable that even the most whimsical men will not be able to resist them.
If women love stylish layering, men undoubtedly prefer comfort. The fewer layers of clothing, the more comfortable it is to move, the better. That's why sweaters made from 100% merino wool are the perfect choice. This type of wool ensures that the body is always in complete comfort. So that it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Sweaters for men are stylish clothes in both warm and cold seasons

It is common to think that knitted, woolen sweaters are very warm and should be worn only in winter. When it's really cold outside the window. However, merino wool knitwear is exceptional. They maintain optimal body temperature. Therefore, it is not cold with them in winter. And it's not hot in spring or autumn. So, they can be worn almost all year round.
It is both a practical and sustainable purchase. Which does not encourage you to update the contents of your wardrobe every season. Most men really don't like this procedure and prefer to choose clothes that they can wear for at least a few seasons.

Sweaters that do not require frequent washing

Another great feature of merino wool is that products made of it do not need to be washed often. More precisely, they benefit from being ventilated, not washed. So, it is enough to hang the sweaters outside for a while. Best - in moist, cool weather. The wind will disperse any odors absorbed into the garment. And the sweater , even if it is slightly stretched, will return to its original appearance and shape. And it will look like new again. Well, if there are stains on the sweater, you can wash it by hand or in a washing machine. It is important to choose a wool-friendly washing mode and not to put it in an electric dryer after washing. With proper care, sweaters will be able to be worn for years.

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